zondag 5 december 2010

My second trip - Foz d`Iguacu

Hi everybody,

Two weeks ago I spent an amazing weekend in Foz d`Igaucu, about 800 km to the west of Curitiba but still in the same state, called Parana. Foz d`Iguacu also forms the tripoint between Argentina, Paraguay and Brasil. Doha and Divakar accompanied me on this adventure to the amazing waterfalls of Foz.

We left on Friday evening for a 9 hour bus trip from Curitiba to Foz. We arrived at Foz around 9 in the morning and went straight to Hostel Bambu! At noon we visited the brazilian side of the Waterfalls of Foz d`Iguacu. This was so amazing that it`s better to show you pictures instead of talking about it...

The waterfalls from the Brazilian side

Divakar & me going crazy

Divakar, Doha & me enjoying sightseeing

Very close to the falls!

During the bus trip through the park the guide told us not to feed the animals and to avoid any contact. However, during lunch we ran in to one animal. Eager to follow the guide`s advice I did not feed the animal... until it started running after me and I was holding a sandwich he really seemed to like. Since I didn`t like the look of his teeth I just gave him the sandwich... In the picture below, you can see his friend, he was much more friendly, probably because he had already eaten...

More beautiful animals in the park...

After the waterfalls we went to the bird`s park. This is a park with a lot birds = offcourse but the amazing thing is that you can actually go in to the cages and have bird`s flying over (or against) you!

A toucan, famous bird in Parana, very close to me

In one of the other cages there were a lot of parrots flying over our heads but they were so noisy and aggressive we didn`t have the time to take pictures. In the evening we had a kebab and enjoyed the swimming pool and a caipirinha! Thank you Eddy for making such good caipi`s...

At sunday morning`s breakfast I met 2 people from the Kempen! In the end we spent the entire day together. The next day we went to Paraguay. According to Doha and Divakar, Paraguay is much more like Marocco or India compared to Brasil. It`s very crowdy and most Brazilian`s go there to buy cheap alcohol, clothing and electronics. On the cultural plan there`s nothing to see. So below => AIESEC UA in Paraguay!

En zoals het hoort, over de linkerschouder he ;)

Behind us you can see the generators in white
After our short trip to Paraguay, we were heading for the Itaipu dam. This is currently the biggest dam in the world. The one that is being build in China is bigger but the Iguacu river flow is larger creating more energy. This dam also forms the border between Paraguay and Brasil. 10 of the 20 energy generators are Brasilian, the other 10 are from Paraguay. However Brasil buys the majority of the energy generated by Paraguay because Paraguay doesn`t need this energy. The reservoir is huuuge, our guide made a very nice comparison: `This dam holds 4 cubic metres of water for every one of the 6 billion people living on this planet.`
BTW: I`m going totally the brasilian way of life, wearing brasilian national shirts and talking football with colleagues all day! Go Coritiba, Paranaense & Atletico (Curitiba`s three football teams). Curitiba will also be one of the host cities during the 2014 World Cup!

We ended the weekend with a delicious international lunch:

From left to right: Sophie - Doha - Pieter - Divakar - Philippe
Thank you Doha, Divakar, Sophie and Philippe for the amazing weekend!

To Sophie & Philippe: enjoy the rest of your stay in Brasil and I`ll see you next year on the Grote Markt van Antwerpen voor nen Duvel of twee!

See you soon,