dinsdag 2 november 2010

The first weekend - the first trip

Hi everybody!

My second AIESEC meeting was a lot of fun afterwards we met up with some OGX people and I got introduced to the X-flow! I will also be helping some people from the ICX team in upgrading the reception booklet & a promotion movie for hosts.

In the afternoon I went to see Thiago play American Football, lots of fun and I almost got run over because I was a bit to close to the back-line. At night I joined Thiago's family to a family party for his aunts' birthday, we had Guarana' (a typical brasilian drink) and brigadeiro (a very nice dessert). After we were dancing for quite some time and had lots of fun(pics on facebook).

Sunday morning our brasilian friends went voting and then we took the car and drove to the praia! We had an amazing weekend! On the first day the waves were so big that we were almost surprised by the power of the sea. In the afternoon Liege went to buy fish that we BBQ'ed at night. We spent the rest of the night around a fire at the beach. Monday and Tuesday were the same: lazy days at the beach, eating fish, enjoying the company, getting a bit of sun, having fun in the sea with waves up to two metres, ... On Tuesday we also visited the old part of the city of Paranagua'. It was very beautiful and I had a very good fish menu there. Thank you everybody for the amazing weekend, special thanks to Liege & Bea for driving and to the parents of Liege that we could stay in the beach house. I love the brasilian hospitality! My host parents were a little bit worried about where I was, they thought I was coming home on Monday but plans changed and we came home one day later. So I'll have to think about this in the future. Sorry Tha├»s!

I ended my first week in Curitiba with a "bolo de banana" = banana cake. A perfect ending of an even more perfect first week in Brasil!

And tomorrow ... is the big day!

Electrolux do Brasil ... here I come!

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