zondag 28 november 2010

Working at Electrolux - Trabalhando para a Electrolux do Brasil

Dear friends,

It`s been a long time since I gave attention to my blog, I`m sorry but I`m still alive and kicking! 

My average working day in Brasil is probably not really comparable to a European one. But what do you expect, 10,000km away from the fast moving, consumer- oriented capitalist Belgium...

My average working day looks like this. I get up around 7am, take a quick shower and I leave for work around quarter past 7. I take two busses to go to work and I spend around 45 minutes. I arrive at work around 8:15 and the first thing I do is go for breakfast. I start working at 8:30, after half an hour we have a fitness exercises, an initiative to promote sports and exercises within the company. The company also has a fitness room, a football field and a basketball field. After this I work until 12:15, we go for lunch at the Electrolux restaurant for about an hour and we start again around 13:15 latest. At 4PM there’s an afternoon snack for trainees (local as well as international). After this 15 minute break we finish the necessary stuff for that day and end between 5:30 and 6:00 depending on the work load.

Electrolux do Brasil - Curitiba - CIC
I will soon start my fourth week of working with Electrolux do Brasil. In the beginning it was very calm because my department had several end-of-month deadlines to meet. During this first week, my predecessor, Cagri showed me how the databases work and what he does on a daily basis. In the second and third week I got a lot of trainings from Jaqueline, my colleague and made my first reports & analyses! These trainings are mainly on the job trainings so facing real problems, it`s something else then boring theories in classes and this is very motivating for me.

So trabalhando para Electrolux do Brasil, eu gusto muito!

The next blog about my second trip is coming soon! 

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