zondag 9 januari 2011

12 horas de Churrasco

What we call BBQ in Europe is called Churrasco in Brasil. This is one of the most famous ways of eating meat and by far the most preferred one. I’ll give you a quick overview of the Churrasco dictionary that I’ve learned so far

Churrasco = general word for the BBQ
Churrasqueira = the equipment, this is the BBQ, the grill, the spears for the linguiça,…  Most houses have one of these and some appartments have one on the top floor. Usually this inclues a small bar and a freezer for the beers. These are usually under a roof because in Curitiba, it can rain very heavily for a short (or long) period during the summer time. 

Churrasqueria = a BBQ restaurant. This is very nice, you pay one price to get in and they keep on coming back with whatever meet you want.  Waiters serve the meat at your table and you can choose which piece you prefer: well done or a point.
Linguiça = a kind of sausage, only used on the BBQ. The key to success is to pinch them with a fork halfway the grilling time otherwise the juice can`t get out.

Costela (ribs) = It is the same part of the meet that we know as “ribbekes” (but they’re better than those from “Den Amadeus”). The meat is grilled in its entirety for 4 – 6 hours high above the fire. The size of the ribs is much much bigger then in Beligum and it’s wrapped in plastic so the juice can’t escape and the meat doesn’t dry out.

Picanha = filet steak or according to google translator = “runderlende” one of the finest pieces of meat.  Alcool = not to drink but to light the fire, it`s much more fun than using these white or beige cubes to light the fire JMayonaise = it`s not the sauce we know but cooked potatoes, with eggs, vegetables (not too many) and the mayonnaise (= like “kouw patatten” in Belgium). This is the only side dish to Churrasco, so no cucumber, no salad, no other vegetables. Just meat, mayonnaise and drinks.

Cachaca - lime - beer

Brigadeiros = this is the best and most famous Brasilian dessert. It is made of butter, condensated milk and chocolate (that’s why I love it). They are put in the freezer and then rolled into small balls. Sometimes people put extra chocolat on the outside. My host family was so nice to let me organize a churrasco for my friends on the top of the building. The roof has a churrasco, a fridge and everything we need to enjoy the party. My mum loves to cook so she helped preparing mayonnaise and brigadeiros. It was a very nice evening and the first one of many…

See you all on January 29th for the next festival of flavours =>12 horas de Pizzasco…


Thank you for attending - it was amazing !

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  1. Hey Pieter.
    I'm glad you're having fun there! Write more because it's always good to hear from my country.
    Churrasco is one of the things i miss the most from Brasil! A good churrasco, cachaca e samba.